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AR TOOL RING  is Made of a Very High-Grade Synthetic Polymer.

Three AR TOOL RINGS Included, Small, Medium and Large. Three sizes included to ensure a great fit and to wear with or without a glove.

  • Works with California Bullet Button
  • Great for Left and Right handed shooters
  • Works with sticky Take Down Pins
  • Helps to unload magazines by hand

The Bullet-Button is more convenient then ever when using theAR TOOL RING

A must have for all AR-15 Bullet Button users. The AR TOOL RING  makes target shooting fun and easy. Just pick a finger that fits and your done ready to go. Your tool is with you all the time. No more reaching for that tool.

>> Sizing Tip <<

  • If a ring is too small for finger chosen it is possible to cut the AR TOOL RING with a pair of wire cutters this will give the ring more size to it. Just make a cut a quarter away from tool part of ring. The AR TOOL RING is very strong and flexible so it will hold its strength.

> rad lock users<

  • Tool part of ring can be Tapered off with a file or sand paper to fit the rad lock. " Definition of Taper- to become narrower at one end "

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If you own an AR-15 Rifle

With a Bullet Button

The AR TOOL RING   is a Must Have!!!

A NEW AR-15 TOOL called the AR TOOL RING

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The Bullet Button is more Convenient then ever when using the AR TOOL RING

M.S.R.P. $8.95

"Made in the USA"